My Thoughts on Mr. Martin.

By now, the bone chilling story of Trayvon Martin’s death has been regurgitated to the point of utter exhaustion.  The blogosphere and social media outlets are flooded with tributes and petitions of mindboggling variety, meanwhile, a family in Florida silently mourns the loss the nation’s current posterchild for the vicious cycle of racial violence that stirs below America’s belly.  Somewhere in the midst of things, I sit here with hurt feelings about this young man’s death.

Someone asked me to weigh in on Trayvon Martin’s demise and to them and everyone else I offer this…This is someone’s CHILD…I know it’s a racially charged issue and it’s easy to get caught up in the rage around this young man’s death, but I hurt more for his parents than any of the rest of it. Anyone that knows me or anything about me, know how I feel about my babies. I could never imagine…on any day having do without them…under ANY circumstances…regardless of how they leave, much less to the hands of someone who is clearly rogue in mind and spirit. So for his parents…I can’t imagine and wont try…just thinking about it makes me crazy.

For those who choose to pay tribute, I think that it’s awesome…the hoodies, skittles, Arizona tea…whatever you feel is a adequate tribute to celebrate this young man’s life and cry for justice is great….BUT keep in mind that there is a responsibility in protest. You must be accountable for your actions in ANY forum. The people who protested for civil rights before you didn’t go back to living their lives after they were sprayed, attacked by police and beaten…MLK didn’t stop marching, Malcolm didn’t put the AK down. They sowed seeds of the revolutions that we are a part of and they stood by it to the death. Don’t be the spearheads of a fickle protest…If you aren’t a part of your NAACP’s, neighborhood watches, PTA’s, spending time with our kids and volunteering time to secure the welfare of your children we are part of the problem. If we go back to our regular lives once Mr. Zimmerman is indicted…we lose. That makes it all propaganda.  The issue that I take with it all is that we often allow the media to dictate what battles we choose to fight.  These stories get brought to our attention via whatever news outlet we tune into, meanwhile, the stories of countless others, dont resonate at all.  While we are wearing hoodies for Trayvon, your young girls are being raped, children are being killed by their parents, young men are being  bullied, beaten, and killed by gangs, we lose countless lives to depression and suicides…We have Emmitt Tills already, We have Jena 6 already, We have Sean Bell already…now we add James Craig Anderson and Trayvon to the thousands of innocent lives…hell in our city, we have Wet Willies…We have children getting abducted (Amir Jennings) and we are the biggest threats to ourselves pretty much everywhere. If Trayvon did NOT die we shouldn’t need any additional motivation. We can’t continue to make ourselves susceptible to judgement and exploitation by the people that don’t understand us. So I hope that all who have courage to cry for justice here don’t waver when it gets thick…don’t just protest on Facebook and Twitter among your friends where its safe…The war is going on outside of the known variable…and we cant stop…because that young man fought for his life…and at some point we all will have to fight for something….even your children.

P.S. Geraldo, Faux News, Rush Limbaugh and whoever else had something stupid to say about this incident didn’t matter to me yesterday and don’t today…So if you are wondering how I feel about their statements…Pardon My Back.



One response to “My Thoughts on Mr. Martin.

  1. You read my mind word for word Rob. As I had the day off from work, I thought this morning more about the fact that he was a child. I couldn’t imagine losing Jasleen to someone else’s hands who feels they have the right to take the life of a child. You hit the nail on the head. It’s not just about race, it’s about advocating for those who have lost the right to speak, young/old, black/white, all of the above.

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