The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Watch The Throne

I learned a long time ago that women have the most appreciation for men who cater to details. Small accents are the make or break factors for a woman’s attention. This is especially true for elements of physical attraction. A great outfit can truly be enhanced by the right socks, belt, or most notably a man’s watch.  Conventionally, most dudes (outside of rappers) wear watches simply to keep time…but to the contrary, a nice watch is second only to shoes in the department of what women pay the most attention to. As with everything else, there is an art to selecting the right arm piece. An I’m going to offer a few pointers to help you guys along.

A nice watch is a nice watch – Now let your favorite rapper tell it, you need a Presidential Rolex to captivate the eyes of your Lady Dujour, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. A great watch doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it just has to have style. I’ve bought watches from Target and about every other department store and when used in the right setting, they are magic. If you are looking for the right blend of price and quality, you can go wrong with a nice FOSSIL, Kenneth Cole, or Michael Kors watch. All of the aforementioned should run you less than $200 bucks and you will get some good feedback…trust me. Of course, if you can do better…get better but don’t let that deter you from selecting a fly piece.

Keep More Than One In The Chamber – Variety is essential. You do have more than one pair of shoes don’t you? Your watch should be no different. Leather is en vogue right now (make sure the straps match your belt and shoes) but keep an interesting color going to draw attention to it. Stainless steel is cool too. Don’t limit yourself to one watch though…at the fundamentals it extends the life of the watch as far as durability and aesthetics are concerned.

There is a Time and Place for Everything – Make a habit of wearing the right watch in the right setting. Keep a casual watch for the white collar workplace (avoid the rubber sports band.). Again leather is in style right now for casual nights out and even business settings and you can’t go wrong with precious metals either. Keep the sports watches for the rugged outdoors or trudging around the house. Again, it’s all about placement…don’t wear your Red Casio Calculator watch to the wedding reception.

Take Care – This is simple. The more you wear your watch the better the battery lasts…it’s true. Don’t wear leather bands everyday…give the straps time to dry… Polish you metal watches occasionally AND MAKE SURE THEY FIT…get links taken out of needed, but dangling watches are damaged watches.

Good luck fellas…Stay Fresh.



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