NFL Playoff Predictions

Here are my picks for the 2nd round of the playoffs….These are killer matchups this week…Every game is worth watching.

Saints vs. Niners – I am as big of a fan of the 49ers resurgence as they come.  I love the fact that they play hard-hitting defense and have a smash mouth running game.  That combination would reguarly be enough to sway in their favor in most matchups, but in this case I’m not so sure.  The Saints, although they have been known to stink it up outdoors, seemed so primed to score about 40 points on anybody that wants it right now and I’m not sure if the 49ers D have enough to stop them if they cant get to Brees in time. In addition, to that are we really sold that Alex Smith will be the answer if San Fran has to score points to win this game…really…if N.O. gets at least a 10 point lead, you can’t run the ball…I’m not going to say it will be easy…I have all the respect in the world for the Bay Area Miners…but I’m marching with the Saints 30-17.

Patriots vs. Broncos – I’m not the biggest Brady fan, but LORD KNOWS I want somebody to knock off the Broncos so that ESPN will go back to regular unbiased sports coverage… and Tom seems like the perfect mercenary to do it.  The Broncos defense is tough…but Gronk and Hernandez are tougher… Pats 35-10

Texans vs. Ravens – The Ravens got a first round bye and hopefully Joe Flacco acquired the perspective that he needed to NOT win this game with his arm.  You have Ray Rice…USE HIM.  The Texans are inspired and eager to prove that they should be included in the NFL elite conversation.  Injuries aside, they are a scary football team.  Add in a few big catches from Andre and a few big runs from Arian and it could be the recipe for disaster for Baltimore… Nonetheless, Baltimore will prove that even though the door is closing, the will take advantage of what time they have left. Ravens 28-21

Giants vs. Packers – I am deathly scared of this game.  Every year my Eagles get booted out of the playoffs, the G-Men seem to get superpowers and impose their will in the NFC playoffs.  I loved the Pack going into it, but I have an odd feeling that this will be the upset of the season.  MVP Aaron Rodgers hasn’t thrown a pass in three weeks and I hope he’s not rusty.  The Giants front four are lights out right now and Elite Manning and those WR’s seem to make big plays when they need them most.  I’m praying that its all an aberration and the Green Bay wins in Lambeau…sending prayers up for the Pack 30-27

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