Listen and Discover: Ananda Project – Truth

This year I think that I think that I will begin to check for new genres of music to emerge.  Some of your favorite artists are starting to blend in different elements of other types of music and through that we begin to broaden our horizons.  One of the most notable music types that constantly gets used is House.  Me personally, I wrote it off to raves and E-Pills…(laughing) But seriously, the more I listen…the more I love. So for the rest of the year I will make it a more concerted effort to share what I learn about it with you…Starting with my current favorite joint, “Over and Over” from Ananda Project and my BRAH Alex Lattimore…This entire album is crazy…if you can find it online, please check it out…it makes for great music to get pumped up for the day.

Truth – Ananda Project


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