The Smoke and Mirrors of the BCS Bowl Season


I was in the barbershop on Saturday engaging in the usual fodder of jokes and sports trashtalk about the NFL playoff weekend and the upcoming National Championship game between Alabama and LSU.  During the constant ranting, my barber asked me if I knew which bowl game was sponsoring the BCS  Championship game…I didn’t have and answer.  It seemed insignificant until the day after the bowl game. Back on the slaveship and about to jettison off for the night, I stopped by my supervisor’s cube and asked him about the game and me and him discussed a startling epiphany about how the bowl games were conducted this year. 

The debate over the who should compete for the National Championship throught BCS has raged on since its inception around a decade a more ago.  Anyone who’s had a favorite team get jilted out of their #2 ranking from the computer has probably revolted in violent banter over it and of course the teams that do get play get to play the role of fat rat during the game while everyone else watches in disgust.  This year’s abandoned bride was Oklahoma State, while having lost in miserable fashion to an Iowa State team, still feels as if they should have gotten the not to compete for the title instead of Alabama, who already lost to the #1 seeded LSU at the midway point of the season.  By now we’ve all probably heard Mike Gundy’s rant, destroyed a few friendships, argued incessantly on your choice of social media over who rightly deserved to play for the trophy…right? And of course the biggest part fo the fuss is to be made of they mystical, magical playoff format that will truly decipher who gets to wear the hat for the FBS…right? Little thought to anyone staging the argument, we may be closer to that playoff than we might think.

To answer the question about the which bowl was for the National Championship this year… THE BCS CHAMPIONSHIP DID NOT HAVE A “BOWL” ATTACHED TO IT THIS YEAR.  No Sugar (which it would have been), Fiesta, Citrus, Orange (LMAO @ Clemson), or any other variation of the sort.  The BCS Championship stood alone as its own game this year.  This is going to make it easier for the commisioners of all of the conference to set up the “Plus 1” playoff system that will take the top four teams in the country at the end of the regular season, let them play each other in one of the major BCS bowl games according to seeding, and then the winners face off in a BCS National Championship game to decide it all.  If you think about it, it has all already been set up and would be convienient for them to implement as early as next year and they only thing that it would take is for them to decide who plays for it all in the final two games of the Bowl season. Of course this is all theory,  but could they make it happen? Chime in and let me know what YOU think.


2 responses to “The Smoke and Mirrors of the BCS Bowl Season

  1. The Rose, Fiesta and Sugar Bowls were all great games, but the ratings are down and something has to be done about the BCS.

  2. its all a setup , they already knew what the ultimate plan was and they knew what everyone was gonna say after this game no matter what the outcome was. there is less talk because LSU lost, if they would have won then it would have been well they already beat that team once this year.

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