Note From The Editor.

Press play before your read. I’m into theatrics. 

I just wanted to take this time out to personally thank every one who’s taken busy time out of their schedules to have a look at the blog so far.  It’s important to me because I am by no means a professional…I just wanted to express myself.  Not a professional music critic, fashion expert, or sports journalist.  Just a man that wants to share his perspective and give everyone a lil’ something to think about from time to time.  I encourage that everybody take a little piece of what you see here and turn it into your own thing. Make your own playlists, try out a new scent, buy a cigar (it’s coming)…Live life.  My blog is me challenging myself and all who read it to find new things to experience…2012 should be our time to step out and get out of the doldrums of possibilities and engage ourselves in the rush of the experience.  I hope that you all will continue to tune in and I hope that you contribute as well…CHIME IN AND COMMENT…God Bless You ALL.

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