15 Albums The Defined Southern Hip-Hop For Me.

If you would have told me in 1994, as Hip-Hop was about to enter in to what most people perceive its golden era, that the South was going to emerge as the definitive voice of the art form throughout the new millennium I would have called you a liar.  Not because, we were bad, but rather that the scope of the music was so large at the time that it would be hard for me to imagine that it would become as “regionalized” as it has.  But fast-forwarding to now it’s all you hear…The South’s influence on music is so strong that we dictate what’s cool with the art form. Now this isn’t to promote regionalism among anyone, but when you look at the artist’s that are making the industry move………..Hey…it doesn’t lie.  The following albums are a “Greatest Ever” list, but they simply are the albums that made southern Hip-Hop for me and the ones that I feel are most responsible for Hip-Hop being what it is right now.  If you dont agree, feel free to hip me to some joint I may have forgotten, but keep in mind that I’m not down to argue with whose albums you think are better and all of that stuff…LOL…  If you don’t have these in your collections, please feel free to take note of them and check them out when you can… ENJOY.


  1. Eightball & MJG “Comin’ Out Hard” – It’s a shame that these dudes don’t get their just due.  The first time I heard “Pimps” changed me forever.
  2. Master P “Ice Cream Man” – The album that really put P on the map…People don’t like to acknowledge it but he really set the stage for Southern Hip-Hop to be as strong as it is right now.
  3. UGK “Ridin Dirty” – The definitive article. I got tired of this album getting stolen.  Pimp and Bun made an album that stands the test of time and influences everyone from me all the way to Jay-Z
  4. Outkast “Southernplaylisticadillacmusik” – Outkast kicked the door open to the mainstream. Their ridiculous skills and sonic backdrops made themselves prime candidates for mass consumption.  Prophetically Andre’s acceptance speech at The Source Awards gave validation to the South’s arrival on the Hip-Hop scene.  Debates can rage about who is the greatest group in Hip-Hop history, but few can argue with this group being the most innovative.
  5. Big Mike “Somethin’ Serious” – Slept on.  Big Mike defined gangster to me.  The album was a tour de force in lyrics and wisdom. He never got his just due.
  6. Geto Boyz “We Can’t Be Stopped” – The beginning. The Geto Boyz were the South’s N.W.A.
  7. 2 Live Crew “Nasty As They Wanna Be” – Miami Bass Music is the archetype for all music that you hear in the party now.  These dudes weren’t nasty…as I grew I realized that all men think like they do…they were just the first with the guts to put it out there.
  8. Goodie Mob “Soul Food” – Supreme southern novelty… This group was our Public Enemy.
  9. Scarface “The Diary” – Scarface solidified his place as HIP-HOP royalty with this album…Probably one of the more perfect albums I’ve ever heard.
  10. Tela “Piece of Mind” – The world knows this album for “Sho’Nuff”…Just the tip of the iceberg.  This album is crispy from front to back.
  11. South Circle  “Another Day, Another Dolla” –  This and Crime Boss’ first album…WHOA.
  12. B.G. “It’s All On U Vol. 2” – WIthout B.G. there would be no Wayne.  He was everything that Wayne came to be.
  13. Mr. Mike “Wicked Wayz” – At the time there was nobody that could match this guy bar for bar. Nobody.
  14. Three Six Mafia “World Domination” – There would be no crunk music, club music without Three Six.
  15. Trick Daddy “www.thug.com” – TDD came in and all of the partying and Miami stopped and he showed everybody that there was more going on down there than G-Strings and Bass Music. No Trick…No Ross or anybody else out of Miami.

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