Happy New Life.

Greetings folks…

It’s been a minute since I’ve stepped onto my blog-o-sphere and for those that were interested in the site and info that we were giving I apologize and I hope that although it’s been a minute every is still interested in what I have to say… Nonetheless, I encourage you all to not only take note to what I post, but also chime in and contribute to anything that Ive posted and or will post–its only right I post this stuff because I want you to see it and interact.

Life hasn’t been easy for the past few months as I have had to endure shoulder surgery and time away from work. BUT I can say that I made the most of the time… It is during this arduous process of healing that I’ve come across several different things that I’ve either needed to change about myself or some things that needed to be removed from my life completely. Now although I’m not going to lay on the leather couch and fill you in on all of the “wonderful” things that I’ve come across in the past few weeks, it is important that I make not to the headline of the entire experience; that we all must learn to live life to the fullest.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a pretty steadfast worker. Not to brag, but I’m constantly in pursuit of a better life for me and my sons…Be it a new job experience, school, or certification, my life is constantly dedicated to getting my slice of the American apple pie.  But what I’ve realized is that sometimes appetite can trump consumption.  The downside to constantly working towards different goals or aspirations is often times we neglect all of the things that we love to do…My music, enjoying football games with friends, going home to visit my family, going to bed at a decent time to get an extra hour or two have all fallen victim to a guy who has a lust for being successful and it’s a gross injustice to every thing that I LOVE doing… In addition, even the relationship with my sons has fallen prey to my need to provide for them ironically.

I’m pretty far off into the healing process for my shoulder now and it’s at this time that I can say without guilt or apprehension that I’m the happiest that I’ve been in quite sometime. I realize that life is hard work, but  you can also benefit from some hard play as well.  Taking the time out to praise God for  good and bad weather and enjoying it all is part of what it’s all about.  I have toned down a lot and I plan on making time to enjoy an occasional video game and I do plan on taking a vacation and getting my sons out and about to see the beautiful Earth in all of it’s glory…one day at a time….


Now back to blogging…..ENJOY.