Tonight’s The Night

As most of you are well aware, The NBA finals starts tonight and as my team was unceremoniously ousted last week, I am forced to watch the game with no thing at stake as far as my emotions are concerned. Although both Dallas and Miami reached the Finals a few years ago, so many of the faces have changed to where it doesn’t really have the feel of a rematch at all.  Of course the Finals always bring the hype and this year is no exception.  From those following the emergence of the Lebron era in Miami to those who want to see Dirk and Kidd pull what will likely be their only rings in Dallas, there are story lines abound in this series of great teams.

The Dallas Mavericks came in to the playoffs under everyone’s radar despite having one of their better seasons in recent memory. Led by Dirk Nowitzski,  the team has strung together one of the more dominant playoff runs I’ve seen beating the Lakers and Thunder, who both a one point or another were favored to take the crown.

Miami has been the focal point of the season thus far and I refuse to say why…if you havent been following you need to catch up… They dominated the Sixers, exorcised their Boston Celtics demons, and put all of their pieces together against the Eastern Conference Champion Chicago Bulls (sigh).  Lebron has easily become the best player in the league and with the “supporting” cast he has in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, they seem to only show prospects of getting better for this series and for playoff runs ahead.

Me being the nerd that I am, I’m not riding with one team over the other because they beat my team or because I hate the other team…I just want to see a good matchup.  Dallas has depth and the Miami has the superstars, a winning combination for all interested.  Im predicting  pretty close matchup with lots of great moments…I dont want Dallas to win because I think that Cuban is too over the top and I dont want Miami to win because I hate all of their fans (see the “Bandwagon” post from last week)…but when it comes to the games themselves….Ill take Miami…this is the year that Lebron finally fulfills the prophecy of his ascension into the NBA elite brass and gets the ring…Expect to see the King at his best and completely unguardable.