The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Wearing Cologne


I was told growing up that women pay attention to details. Little things like a watch, nice kicks, and good grooming are important to the lady that you are courting…TRUST.
Consideration must be taken when hitting the streets and nothing can be more telling than how you smell when you are out and about.   Picking the right smell can go a long way towards keeping you on her mind…believe it or not….its a scientific fact.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you put on that Drakkar again.

1.  Take your time when picking a cologne – Picking a the right cologne isn’t as simple as just picking something that smells good.  You should take the time smell from a variety of scents. Make use of the coffee beans and always as the sales person what is new, popular, and (if she is cute) what she likes.

2. Body Chemistry is IMPORTANT – Be aware that even if a cologne smells great…it may not smell good on you.  This is especially important if you are looking to raid someone else’s stash for some get fresh.  How you sweat, what you eat and drink can dictate how a fragrance can smell on you.  Get a few samples and try them on for a day and see which works with you the best.

3. Know how to rock it – There are fundamentally two cologne types. Oil based is usually heavy scented. It wears good with heavy fabric and definitely is a must have for the winter.  These smells are usually geared more for dressing up than down and should be used for nights on the town and definitely for lasting impressions because it has staying power.  Alcohol based colognes are sportier and usually are worn on more casual occaisions…their scent is usually best when worn on exposed skin.
Having one of each as a staple is not a bad idea.

4. Put on for your city – Aim to apply cologne after a hot shower. Hit areas where you can feel your pulse.  DO NOT spray your cologne and walk into it — that’s just stupid. You should have enough on that your girlfriend shoud have to be close to you to lock into it.

5. Don’t OD – In addition to making sure you don’t soak yourself in it, make sure you avoid strong smelling soaps and lotions that can interfere with the prowess of the scent.

6.  Keep a rotation – There is nothing wrong with keeping a rotation. Pick three to four scents throughout the year and rock with them. Keep in mind that most scents have a shelf life and lose some of their effect ad they get older so clean out your stash every once in a while and keep it funky…in a good way.

7. The secret society…all we ask is trust – My favorite rule of all is to never tell what you are wearing…especially to an interested woman.  Create an allure by being elusive. It is an informal invite to her to always check for you when you are around.  If the smell is exclusive you don’t want the competition jacking your smell.


F.I.L.O.S – Air Jordan III “True Blue”

The newer Jordan colorways can be hit or miss…but the classic joints will never be out of style… Here are some official shots of the “True Blue” 3’s set to release on June 4th…Start your engines.