Memento Mori

This blog is dedicated to my brother Antonio…100 years of success..
I wasn’t even up to see the ball drop… While some of you were at church washing away your sins and others were trickin out in the club on the 22 year model wannabes…I fell asleep on South Park sober as confused Beck’s drinker. Pathetic? No, not hardly…I could if I wanted to but it wasn’t that kind of “party” I was content ringing my New Year as I would any other day; asleep dreaming about being stuck in the last video game I beat (I will get to that later)…
Before I get to the seemingly endless barrage of shoutouts and rants about resolutions…I offer a gem for you all.
I turn 30 this year as many of my friends will and some have been for some time now and I just want to check in with some of you to make sure that we are all aware of the challenges that lie ahead of us before we start making those exaggerated promises to ourselves that we call resolutions. Be aware that time is not for the still… Time is a living breathing entity that is in constant motion using the minutes and seconds that we take for granted against us… and while we sleep, dream, think, procrastinate, and underachieve…it moves. I for one can provide endless testimony to this because I would consider myself a great thinker, but not as proficient a doer…I would make a helluva architect. Albums, diets, businesses, vacations…you name it…I’ve dreamt it…and in all likelihood…I did not do it…
This isn’t to say that I am a failure or that I’m grossly unsatisfied with everything I did accomplish this year, but sometimes getting by isn’t enough…It will only earn you a bucket list at 50 and I don’t want that… I say that to say for all of my friends and family I challenge you to do better this year…If you want to go somewhere…GO… If you want to do something…DO IT… If you want to be something… BE IT… you get the idea. I tell everyone all of the time that the only thing that you really carry to the grave with you is regrets…I mean it… You can be the most ambitious person on earth, but if you don’t have the follow through it is in vain…For those of you who want to blame your setbacks on something…ANYTHING…especially those of us with a certain abundance of melanin in your skin… Keep in mind that there is a guy about to be inaugurated later this month that was just like you… he looks like you and he has done what most of us would have called impossible. Don’t try to be him…be better than he is.
We are not promised 2010…shit…we aren’t promised January 2, 2009…In honor of those that left us too soon…I urge you to live every day like it is your last and keep dreaming….but wake up too.
I’m done with the serious stuff.

Here is my list for things that got me through 2009.
1. Sushi – Yeah, I said it… This shit is great. Healthy, filling and different. I cant wait until they start making them with collards, mac n cheese and chicken… You can find me at your local sushi bar……POSTED.
2. Playstation 3 – this is everyman’s escape from domestics… if you are stuck at home with the kids, get online and put up 50 points on some 16 year old whiz kid who thinks that throwing a bomb on every play makes them good at Madden…
3. Jordans – Last count I have 22 pair in the closet…nothing like a fresh pair of em…they are like BBQ sauce for your feet. Not only that, there is nothing more gratifying the rubbing you collection in the face of passers by….
4. Young Jeezy – Sorry Backpackers….This is the album of the year…at least for me…direct you hate mail to my bawlllllls….
5. My sons – If you know me and haven’t seen the boys…and really you must see them…they are hilarious… do me a favor and delete all of my contact info.
6. The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Testament to the notion that we make for the best viewing on TV (That isn’t always a good thing)
7. ESPN – You cant relate, then you sit down and pee…even at urinals.
8. The Dark Knight – The Joker officially dethroned Darth Vader as my favorite onscreen villain of all time
9. Esquire Mags – Jockin my Fresh.
10. – my home away from home.

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