Random Thoughts

  1. I am dog tired
  2. The Speed of Darkness will be out next year…..quickly…and with no mercy.
  3. Who does Sarah Palin think she is…granted I can’t say much because BIG BROTHER is watching…but answers like that failed me in school…why is she any different…hmmm…lemme guess…
  4. Steve Spurrier is going back to Chris Smelley this week vs. Ole Miss….go cocks…i guess….
  5. The Eagles better win this week….PLEASE
  6. Shout out to Fleetwood for making it home safe…welcome back to reality…it makes me appreciate my freedom more…
  7. We need to pay better attention to the opportunity to invest.
  8. Where is my FUCKIN remote?
  9. Im getting the Jordan itch again…Those six rings are as good as bought…
  10. Im in debt…where the fuck is my bailout?
  11. Gatorade is the shit with fried chicken.
  12. Peace Rap City…I knew it was a wrap when Cleezy left…No disrespect to Tig…
  13. Still listening to The Recession and The Bar Exam II…good shit.
  14. Still waiting on Disc One of the Iron Man Blu Ray to load…since yesterday…
  15. still waiting
  16. still waiting
  17. Fuck it…back to Madden…
  18. I need a vacation.

2 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. 1. Me too.2. Hurry up.3. The woman who got her butt handed to her by Biden, yet people still tried to defend. Must be cool being a white woman.4. Looks like Garcia is about to snatch that back, brother.5. Screw the Eagles, its all about those Panthers.6. Tell your people I said congratulations, that is a huge accomplishment, real talk.7. You are getting old brother, you better get to gettin….8. Couldn’t tell you.9. Those sneakers ARE stupid dope, sentiment echoed, my friend.10. The same place its been, in Washington, where it will stay.11. A brother is trying to get back in shape, so I mess with NEITHER!!!!12. Word…..13. The most ridiculous travesty since the demise of YO! MTV Raps….I am still upset. Even though it was falling off TREMENDOUSLY, it was still an institution. Been watching since Chris Thomas was the mayor. And it was replaced by Smart Guy? Get the heck outta here…..14. I’ve only heard bits and pieces of both.15. Lol.16. ROFL….17. LMBO!18. Smart Choice.19. Can’t wait on mine, either….20. Never seen her…..

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