What’s up folks….Hopefully by this point and time we are well acquainted. But for those who are not..my name is N’telligence…I recently put out my first album…Black Boy Lost. If you havent heard it…feel free to download it from my myspace page (www.myspace.com/nteli) or from my good friend Kevin Nottingham’s page (http://www.kevinnottingham/). I will now be putting some time into keeping you folks in tune with the shit that makes me tick and hopefully you will also be willing to share your thoughts as well. I plan on sharing thoughts on my music as well as things that keep me alive. First off… I will be giving yall some insight into the album, a track-by-track analysis of what it took to make the complete project. So from here on out, once a week I will take a track from the record and let you know how and why they came about as well as sharing insight from the record as well….So with no further or due, shout out to my brothers…Midi, Clok, Cap, Big Jon, dyce, Bo –and the list goes on…yall enjoy.–

For those of you that don’t already have the album:

HERE: http://rapidshare.com/files/132013803/N_Telligence_-_Black_Boy_Lost.rar








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